Become an Active Democrat

The Cumberland County Democratic Party needs your help to keep working in our community! We are building our party with a view to supporting strong Democratic candidates in the upcoming elections.  Consider volunteering, attending our monthly meetings, donating, running for office, or just staying informed about our state and county government.

The Cumberland County Democratic Party meets the fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Crossville Housing Authority Building at 67 Irwin Avenue in Crossville.

The Cumberland County Democratic Women’s Club meets prior to the Executive Committee starting at 5:00pm.

Get information and event notices on CCDP’s Facebook page,  Cumberland County TN Democratic Party :

You do not have to be a Facebook user.  Use the link above and when the page opens and asks you to log on, just press Return or Enter and you will be able to read the page and look at photos.  You cannot create a post or comment on a post, but you will be able to see current information about CCDP.