2015 Reorganization Convention

The Cumberland County Democratic Party held its biennial Reorganization Convention on March 23, 2015 to adopt its bylaws and to elect officers and district representatives for the 2015-2017 term. The event began with an informal meet and greet to allow attendees to meet the candidates for the Executive Committee positions that would be voted on, and to visit with other Democrats in the County over coffee and pastries provided by the Cumberland County Democratic Women’s Club. Official business began with the adoption of the rules for the Convention and a review of the proposed by-laws which were voted on and approved. Candidates for Officers and the Executive Committee were introduced and nominations were taken on the floor of the meeting, and the following Officers and Executive Committee members were elected:

Chair: Edward Yoder
Vice-Chair: Paul Gardner
Secretary: Andrea Robinson
Treasurer: Judith Barnett

District Representatives:
1 – Steven Douglas, Betty Threet;
2 – Margery Finch;
3 – Patty Guthrie;
4 – Flo Matheson;
5 – Paul Gardner, Carol Yoder;
6 – Judith Barnett;
7 – Andrea Robinson, Amy Zielinski;
8 – Don Clark, Mary Ann Crowe;
9 – Dennis Kahoun, Shirley Green (elected at the Fairfield Glade caucus and affirmed at this convention).

Paula Johnson reported that the Fairfield Glade Democratic Club (District 9) held its reorganization caucus on March 16, 2015 and elected the following officers:

President: Paula Johnson
Vice President: Barbara Ryan
Secretary: Marcia Hanna
Treasurer: Frank Fitchko

Geeta McMillan, TNDP District 15 Committeewoman, addressed the group and congratulated CCDP for its long history of working to bring Democratic values to the county and to elect Democratic candidates. She stressed the importance of continually working to make the Democratic presence known in the community and to inspire other Democrats to participate. She praised Cumberland County’s history of running candidates and not simply allowing the Republicans to go uncontested and talked about the importance of fighting back. Ms. McMillan also talked about the important Presidential race in 2016 and how that will help Democratic turnout, but also stressed that the 2020 election will also be critical as it will determine who will draw the district lines for the next ten years, something the Republicans took advantage of in 2010.

Ms. McMillan noted that the untimely death of Mike Walsh, TNDP Executive Committeeman for District 15, left a vacancy on the TNDP Executive Committee. TNDP is asking Dennis Gregg to fill the Executive Committeeman vacancy. The audience reacted very favorably with a big round of applause at this news.


See photos of the reorganization event at:  2015 CCDP Reorganization Convention