County Bylaws

Cumberland County Democratic Party Bylaws


Article I

Name and Purpose

Section 1:  Name.  The name of this organization shall be the Cumberland County Democratic Party.

Section 2:  Purpose.  The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party.


Article II


Section 1:  Eligibility.  All residents of Cumberland Country, Tennessee, who are registered to vote in this county, are eligible to become members of the Cumberland Country Democratic Party.  While membership rolls may be kept, dues shall not be collected in order to become a member.

Section 2:  Nondiscrimination.  Membership in the Cumberland County Democratic Party shall not be denied because of race, color, gender, religion, age, disability, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.


Article III

Powers and Responsibilities

Section 1:  Governance.  The governance and direction of the affairs of the Cumberland County Democratic Party shall be vested in the Cumberland County Democratic Executive Committee (the “Executive Committee”) and in the officers of the Cumberland County Democratic Party, as hereinafter set forth in these bylaws, subject to the laws of the State of Tennessee and such rules as may be established by the Tennessee State Democratic Executive Committee.

Section 2:  Party Responsibilities.  The Cumberland County Democratic Party shall have the following responsibilities:

  • Planning and conducting all county meetings and conventions.
  • Keeping and maintaining records of all Democratic Party meetings and business.
  • Supporting the duly selected nominees of the Democratic Party.
  • Engaging in any lawful activities deemed necessary to help elect Democratic


Article IV

Executive Committee

Section 1:  Membership.  The Executive Committee shall be composed of a man and a woman, if possible, elected from each county district plus those who become members pursuant  to Article VIII, Section 1 (Officers).  Additional members may be added where, because of distances between precincts, additional representation would assist the Party in being more equally geographically represented, or where the Party feels the need to have the assistance of additional members.


Section 2:  Manner of Elections.  The Executive Committee members shall be elected by a caucus held by the recognized Democratic Club in that district or at a County Convention.  Recognized Democratic Clubs must convene their caucus at least one week prior to the County Convention.  These caucuses must be held in a public place with the same level of public notice (including advance timing) as prescribed for the County Convention.   While members of the public living outside the district may attend as observers, only residents of the district may vote for that district’s representation on the county Executive Committee.  Credentialing and other requirements for the conduct of a County Convention will be in force at a district caucus.  The recognized Democratic Club will also elect its officers at that same caucus.

In order to fill the seats on the Executive Committee for districts without a recognized Democratic Club, a nominating committee will be asked to bring forward names of at least one woman and one man, if possible, from each district.  Nominations from the floor will also be accepted.  The district caucuses and County Conventions will be held in March or April of odd numbered years as specified by the State Democratic Executive Committee.  In addition to the elected members of the Executive Committee, both the Cumberland County Democratic Women and the Cumberland County College Democrats, if active, shall be entitled to elect one member to serve on the Executive Committee.   As noted in Section 1, additional members may be elected at-large to serve on the Executive Committee.

Section 3:  Resignations.  The resignation of any member of the Executive Committee shall be made orally or in writing to the Chair and shall take effect at the time specified.

Section 4:  Vacancies.  A vacancy shall be filled at any time by a nomination from and an election by the Executive Committee.

Section 5:  Attendance.  An Executive Committee member who fails to attend 75% of the regular monthly meetings in a calendar year of the Executive Committee, without an excuse satisfactory to the majority of the members of the Executive Committee in attendance, may be removed from the position and the position shall be declared vacant.

Section 6:  Executive Committee Members/Officers Must Support Nominees of the Democratic Party.  No person shall be a member or officer of the Executive Committee if he/she shall not support nominees of the Democratic Party.  Failure to support the nominees of the Democratic Party shall be cause for removal.


Article V


Section 1:  General.  All general meetings of the Cumberland County Democratic Party or of the Executive Committee shall be well-publicized in county-wide media at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the meeting.

Section 2:  Regular Meetings.  Regular meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30 P.M. or when called by the Chair or by one-third of the Executive Committee members.

Section 3:  Special Meetings.  Special Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the Chair or at the request of four members of the Executive Committee.  Notice of the meeting and the topics to be discussed must be provided at least 48 hours prior to the meeting and may be provided to the members of the Executive Committee by postal mail, email, or telephone.

Section 4:  Quorum.  A majority of the seated members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business at a meeting of the Executive Committee.


Article VI

Conduct of Convention

Section 1:  Convention.  The provisions for the holding of the county convention shall be as follows:

  • The convention shall be well publicized in the local news media. At least fourteen (14) days prior notice must be given.
  • All members of the Cumberland County Democratic Party who are registered voters and who attest that they are bona fide Democrats by execution of affidavits or affirmation to that effect are eligible to vote at the convention and to be candidates for the Executive Committee. Candidates for Chair or Vice-chair will be limited to individuals who (1) have attended at least 4 meetings in the previous year, or; (2) have served on a Committee of the Executive Committee, or; (3) have served on the Democratic Executive Committee at the county or higher level within the previous 5 years, or; (4) are members of the Democratic Party who have held a state, county, or city elected position.  The provisions of this paragraph pertaining to candidates for Chair and Vice-chair may be waived by a majority vote of those in attendance at the convention.
  • The convention shall be called to order by the incumbent Chair of the Cumberland County Democratic Executive Committee.
  • Method of voting shall be decided by the convention before balloting begins.
  • After the convention is convened, the Chair shall call for nominations and election for each Officer position. After the nominations cease, the ballot is closed and the election shall commence
  • Once the Officers are elected, the Chair shall recognize the Executive Committee members selected through district caucuses or recognized Democratic Clubs, and representatives of the Cumberland County Democratic Women and the Cumberland County College Democrats, if active.
  • The Chair will then call for nomination and election for each remaining Executive Committee position by district. Finally, nominations for at-large positions will be taken and elections held.  Only persons present at the Convention are eligible for nomination and election.



Article VII


Section 1:  No Proxies Allowed.  No proxy shall be allowed at any meeting of the Cumberland County Democratic Party or the Cumberland County Executive Committee.


Article VIII


Section 1:  Officers.  The officers of the Cumberland County Democratic Party shall be Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected at the County Convention for a two (2) year term, or until their successors are duly elected or qualified.  Officers may be a district representative on the Executive Committee.

Section 2:  Chair.  The Chair shall preside over any convention which may be called and over the meetings of the Executive Committee.

Section 3:  Vice-chair.  In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-chair shall perform the duties of the Chair.

Section 4:  Secretary.  The Secretary shall keep the minutes, see that all notices are duly given, and in general perform all duties incident to the office.

Section 5:  Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds, deposit all monies in the name of the Cumberland County Executive Committee in such bank selected by the Executive Committee, and in general perform all duties incident to the office.

Section 6:  Neutrality.  The Cumberland County Democratic Party, in order to maintain party unity, shall not support one Democratic candidate over another in a Democratic Primary.  All members and officers, except the County Chair, as individuals, are encouraged to support Democratic candidates of their choice in a Democratic primary.


Article IX


Section 1:  Committees Appointed by the Chair.  The Chair may establish committees composed of Executive Committee members and others as deemed necessary.  The Chair shall be and ex-officio member of any committee created.

Section 2:  Term of Office.  Each member of a committee shall serve at the pleasure of the Chair, but no longer than until the next convention or until the committee is terminated.


Article X

Conduct of Business at Meeting

Section 1:  Order of Business.  The regular order of business at the Executive Committee meeting shall be as follows:

  • Call to order
  • Moment of silence
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll call
  • Approval of the minutes of previous meeting
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Report of committees
  • Old business
  • New business
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment


Section 2:  Actions of the Executive Committee.  Actions of the Executive Committee meetings shall be made through unanimous consent or majority vote and recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

Section 3:  Actions Between Meetings.  Actions of the Executive Committee can be taken at a Special Called Meeting or through electronic or phone polling of all members of the Committee.


Article XI


Section 1:  Notice.  All proposed resolutions must be submitted to the Chair at least one week prior to a meeting.  Emergency resolutions may be brought before the body by consent of two-thirds majority of those present.


Article XII

Rules of Procedure

Section 1:  Rules of Procedure.  The Executive Committee shall seek to make decisions through unanimous consent.  When there is a division of opinion, the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order, Newly-Revised shall govern this organization’s decision-making.  This does not prevent the adoption of any special rules of order.


Article XIII


Section1:  Procedures for Amendment.  These Bylaws may be amended or substituted by a two-thirds vote of the seated membership of the Executive Committee at any meeting of this organization called for the purpose of amending these Bylaws provided that the amendments have been presented to the Executive Committee at least 3 weeks prior to the vote.

Section 2:  Adoption by Convention.  These Bylaws must be adopted by the County Convention at the same time the Officers and Executive Committee members are elected.  Changes may be proposed by the Executive Committee and adopted at the Convention.


Adopted at County Convention, March 27, 2017