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2017 Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017
CaptureThe 2017 Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner will be on Saturday, April 29 beginning with a social hour at 5:00 PM. Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM.
The cost is $35.00 for a single reservation and $65.00 for married couples. Please provide the name of each member of your party when purchasing reservations. Democratic seniors 90 years and over are invited as our guest at no charge but must make a reservation giving your name by calling (931) 787-1331 or sending an email to For all other guests a paid reservation is required. Paper tickets will not be issued. Your purchase will be recorded and verified upon entry to the event. Purchase by check made payable to Cumberland County Democratic Party mailed to CCDP Dinner, PO Box 298, Crossville TN 38557; or by payment with a credit card through the ActBlue secure site: The deadline for dinner purchases is April 21, 2017.
If you cannot attend the dinner, please consider making a donation to CCDP by check mailed to PO Box 298, Crossville TN 38557, or by credit card through the secure ActBlue donation site at


Sunday, March 13th, 2016

eleanor-roosevelt-88The Cumberland County Democratic Party (CCDP) will hold its annual fundraising event, the 2016 Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner, on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at R Place Pub & Grill on Country Club Drive in Lake Tansi.   Social hour will begin at 5:00 PM and dinner served at 6:00 PM. A cash bar will be available. Following dinner we will hear brief remarks from local candidates and a special guest.

Dinner is $40.00 per person; $75.00 for a married couple both attending; or $20.00 per person 90 years and older. Paper tickets will not be issued. Your purchase will be recorded and verified upon entry to the event. Please provide the name of each member of your party when purchasing reservations, or by email to Purchase by payment with a credit card or PayPal through the ActBlue secure site:, or by check made payable to Cumberland County Democratic Party mailed to CCDP Dinner, PO Box 298, Crossville TN 38557. The deadline for dinner purchases is April 22, 2016.

We encourage all county Democrats to attend and support CCDP in this election year. If you cannot attend the dinner, please consider making a donation to CCDP by credit card or PayPal through the secure ActBlue donation site or by check mailed to PO Box 298, Crossville TN 38557.

For further information contact ­­­Ed Yoder at (931) 788-3567 or Andrea Robinson at (931) 248‑3514.

R Place-1

Save the Date – Ice Cream Social – Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

The Fairfield Glade Democratic Club’s Ice Cream Social will be held on Saturday, August 15, 2015 from Noon to 2:00 PM at the Lake Dartmoor Marina Patio, 556 Stonehenge Drive in Fairfield Glade.  Admission is $3.00 and enitles you to one cool and tasty sundae.

From I-40 take Peavine Rd. north to Stonehenge Dr. (appx. 11 miles). Turn left on Stonehenge Dr. The Marina will be on the left.

Sign up to attend this event at Event Notice

See a location map at:  Location Map


Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

The Cumberland County Democratic Party (CCDP) held its annual fundraising event, the Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner, on Saturday April 25, 2015 in the banquet room at R Place, the former Lake Tansi Country Club. Guests had the opportunity to mingle with Democratic friends and neighbors during the social hour prior to dinner. Ed Yoder, CCDP Chair and Master of Ceremonies welcomed everyone and introduced Joy Rose, a long-time member of the Cumberland County Democratic Women’s Club, who gave an invocation and the pre-dinner blessing.

Mary Mancini, Chairperson of the Tennessee Democratic Party (TNDP), gave the keynote address. Ms. Mancini shared her vision for the future of Tennessee Democrats to expand the Democratic Party and seat more state, county and local leaders. County parties will work with TNDP to energize and organize the Democratic base to bring more people in and to create an environment where Democrats can win elections. Ms. Mancini pointed out that the 2016 elections should be favorable to elect Democrats. Presidential elections bring out the Democratic base, something which did not happen in 2014. She described the need to use available data to assess how Democrats can hold the Tennessee House and Senate seats they now hold and to determine which other seats are winnable. Ms. Mancini stressed the importance of running excellent candidates, as well as the urgency of getting Democrats out to vote in every election in order to make incremental gains in the number of Democrats holding office, and to build on those incremental gains with every subsequent election. She suggested that Democrats point out the truth about the opposition party’s brand using examples of the types of legislation they passed, or did not pass, while strengthening its own party brand as the party that is concerned with the welfare of the citizens of Tennessee. Ms. Mancini added that Democrats across the state must get the message out that the Tennessee Democratic Party’s values are: opportunity for all; strong families and communities; effective government, and investment in our future. If voters hear that message they are more likely to vote for good Democratic candidates. On behalf of the CCDP Executive Committee and the Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner Committee, Ed Yoder presented Ms. Mancini with a hand-made plaque engraved with a message of appreciation for serving as guest speaker for the dinner.

Mr. Yoder described Dennis Gregg’s service to CCDP and the Democratic Party as well as his involvement in a number of Cumberland County endeavors.  He was State Executive Committeeman representing six counties, including Cumberland, from 2008 through 2014 and was re-elected to that position in March 2015 by the TNDP Executive Committee. Also in March 2015 he was elected Treasurer of the Tennessee County Chairs Association. Mr. Yoder presented him with a hand-made plaque in acknowledgement of and appreciation for his service to CCDP. Mr. Gregg briefly addressed the group stating that he didn’t accomplish any of his endeavors alone. Many good people were involved to help him achieve his goals. He expressed appreciation to CCDP members and the Cumberland County Democrats who have supported CCDP and worked toward electing Democrats in the County.

A pastry auction of pies, cakes and cookies baked by members of the Cumberland County Democratic Women’s Club provided entertainment as the Auctioneer Paul Gardner and Assistant Judy Swallows jokingly cajoled the bidders and enticed them with appetite-inducing descriptions of each pastry offered for bid.

The dinner committee used the occasion of this dinner to honor the most senior of our county Democrats, those over the age of 90, who have supported CCDP and Democratic candidates for many years. Those in attendance were Lois Brater, Gladys Butler, Dorothy Clark, Franklin Parker, Al Rogers, Betty Streich, and Clyde Ussery and each received a rousing round of applause as they were introduced. CCDP gifted each of them with a complementary dinner and one of the floral centerpieces.

Lois Brater shared her memory of one of Eleanor Roosevelt’s visits to Oak Ridge in 1955 to give a speech for the American Association of University Women. A dessert served at a reception was a Strawberry Torte made by Lois Brater. Mrs. Roosevelt was so taken with the desert that she insisted that Lois give her the recipe, and she did. Lois shared copies of the recipe with everyone at the dinner and joked that the recipe called for 12 egg whites and she never did know what to do with the 12 egg yolks.

CCDP Officers were introduced and Executive Committee members stood to be acknowledged. The attention then shifted to the raffle of two hand-made quilts made by Loretta Yoder and Julia McNie. The lucky winners were Monica Gardner and Virgie Lotze.

In his closing remarks, Ed Yoder thanked the dinner committee, the Democratic Women’s Club, and everyone who came out to share the evening and to support CCDP.

See photographs of the event at:  2015 Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner


Thursday, March 13th, 2014


“I think if the people of this country can be reached with the truth, their judgment will be in favor of the many, as against the privileged few.”

“I think if the people of this country
can be reached with the truth,    
their judgment will be in favor of the many,
as against the privileged few.”  
                –Eleanor Roosevelt


The Cumberland County Democratic Party (CCDP) will hold its major fundraising event, the 2014 Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner, on Saturday April 26, 2014 at Scarlett’s Reception Hall, 5429 Peavine Road in Crossville (north of I-40 on Peavine Road).  A social hour will begin at 4:00 PM and buffet dinner will be served at 5:00 PM.  Following dinner, a welcome by CCDP’s County Chairman and an address by our special guest speaker, 2014 candidates for state and local offices attending will introduce themselves and provide brief statements about their campaigns.  The evening will include awards and recognitions, entertaining activities including a pastry auction, and an opportunity to meet and greet the candidates and your Democratic neighbors.  We encourage all Democrats to attend as your support strengthens our force in the community.  In the event that you cannot attend, please consider making a donation so that CCDP can support Democratic candidates in this important election year.


Tickets are $50.00 per person, or you can reserve a table for your party of up to 7 persons for $350.  Purchase tickets by check made payable to Cumberland County Democratic Party and mailed to Amy Zielinski, 385 McCormick Lane, Crossville, TN 38571; or by making payment with a credit card through the ActBlue secure site:  Please do not use the Contribute Link on the right of this page, as your dinner reservations will not be entered through that link.  Click on the link above or copy it and paste it into your browser’s address bar.

Paper tickets will not be issued.  Your purchase will be recorded and verified upon entry to the event.

For further information contact Amy Zielinski at 931-707-7819.

You can copy and paste the reservation information below and print it to mail with your check.










Yes, I will attend and purchase:               tickets at $50 each or                   table(s) at $350 each

No, I cannot attend but would like to make a donation of $                                        

Please make your check payable to:   Cumberland County Democratic Party

Mail this form and your check by Saturday, April 12, 2014 to: Amy Zielinski, 385 McCormick Lane, Crossville,  TN  38571












Save This Date – Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Please save the date for the Cumberland County Democratic Party’s Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner on Saturday, April 26, 2014. A social hour will begin at 4:00 PM and dinner served at 5:00 PM. Details are being finalized so watch for the Event notice and details coming soon. We urge all Democrats in our County to attend as your support for CCDP strengthens our force in the community.

Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner – 2013

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

The Cumberland County Democratic Party held its Second Annual Eleanor Roosevelt dinner on Saturday, April 20, 2013. Amy Zielinski, Party Secretary and event hostess, began the festivities by welcoming everyone and introducing Dennis Gregg, the Party Chair. Mr. Gregg spoke briefly about the importance of eliminating the extremism of current office holders in our state by electing good Democratic candidates. He highlighted the excellent work of three county officials who were at the dinner, Randy York, District Attorney General; Larry Sherrill, Circuit Court Clerk; and Judy Graham Swallows, Register of Deeds and stressed the importance of re electing them so our county can continue to benefit from their good service.

Amy then introduced our guests, Roy Herron and Larry Crim, the Party officers, Executive Committee members, and Sam the Auction Man. Sam told a few jokes and auctioned off some of the baked goods provided by the Cumberland County Democratic Women’s Club which put everyone in a good humor and whet our appetites for dinner

The invocation was given by Rev. Bob Rezash then dinner was served and the guests enjoyed quiet personal and political conversations with their table mates during dinner.

Sam took over the floor for another cake and pie auction interlude as he regaled the group with humorous stories from auctions of the past. If someone moved their head as they laughed Sam acknowledged that as a bid and the price went up, which led to more laughter and higher bids.

Our hostess injected a more serious note by reminding us of the economic inequality problems our country is currently suffering. A video, ”Economics of Inequality” was shown which highlighted some of the economic issues being dealt with across the country that are also affecting our state. These issues are a stark reminder of the difference between the Democratic Party’s concern for the welfare of all people and views held by others that show no concern for the working class or the poor.

Following the video, Amy hailed the courage of one of the Democratic writers that contribute to the weekly column, We the People, Clyde Ussery. Charlita Lloyd read, “Has the South Finally Won the Civil War?”, a column submitted by Clyde but rejected by the Chronicle for publication. In this article, Ms. Ussery highlights how current cultural and political attitudes appear to be much the same now as they were during the time of the Civil War. After the reading, Ms. Ussery was presented with the dinner committee’s Courageous Democrat Award for her unstinting dedication to supporting the Democratic Party and speaking out against what she believes is unfair or unjust, or just plain untrue. This award was followed by Ms. Zielinski, recognizing Ms. Lloyd with the Highest Fundraiser award for the event (23 tickets sold, $1,150 and donations of $950), and presented her with a plaque recognizing her extraordinary efforts.

Dennis Gregg introduced Roy Herron, Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party and the keynote speaker for the event. Mr. Herron spoke about the economic trials of the country and our state over many generations. He shared personal stories of struggles his parents and grandparents faced through difficult economic times, and how they were helped by programs legislated by the Democratic Party to alleviate hardship and to give the working class opportunities to succeed. Mr. Herron said that although we are going through a very tough period now things are changing. Although legislators at both the federal and state levels are not currently addressing the needs of the middle class and the poor, people are rejecting their ideas and seeking social and economic change. Mr. Herron encouraged us to help rebuild the Democratic Party in our state and across the country in order to elect Democratic legislators who will address the real needs of people and bring about the change we now need. He concluded his remarks by encouraging the group to not become discouraged and to stay engaged and active in the Democratic Party because if we will it, and will work for it, there will once again be social and economic justice for all.

Larry Crim, an announced candidate for U.S. Senate, was then given an opportunity to speak to the group. He introduced himself as a lifelong resident of Tennessee and a candidate for U.S. Senate in the 2014 election. Mr. Crim said that Tennesseans are not receiving the type of representation they need in the U.S. Senate or from Tennessee legislators, and the antics of some of our legislators who introduce ridiculous legislation is an embarrassment to our state. He asked us all to stay informed and to support Democratic candidates like him who will work to improve conditions for all Tennesseans.

There was a good deal of camaraderie as the evening came to a close, and judging by the smiles as the dinner guests parted, the 2013 Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner was a success. We hope you look forward to joining us at the Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner again next year in April. We look forward to seeing you.

Al Gore to Host Unity Breakfast for TNDP

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

You are cordially invited to a


Democratic Leaders Uniting to Support the Tennessee Democratic Party


With The Honorable Al Gore

Friday, April 29, 7:30 a.m. – 9 a.m.
CABANA Restaurant
1910 Belcourt Ave., Nashville, TN

Admission:  $250 per person

Purchase tickets:


Rep. Jim Cooper,
Rep. Steve Cohen,
Gov. Phil Bredesen,
Rep. Lincoln Davis,
Rep. Bart Gordon,
Rep. John Tanner,
Mayor Karl Dean,
Mayor AC Wharton,
Mayor Daniel Brown,
Vice-Mayor Diane Neighbors,
Metro Nashville Council Members: Megan Barry, Tim Garrett, Jerry Maynard & Ronnie Steine,
Mike McWherter,
TNDP Chairs: Randy Button, Will Cheek, Jane Eskind, Houston Gordon, Doug Horne, George “Buck” Lewis, Dick Lodge, Gray Sasser, Bobby Thomas & Bob Tuke,
TNDP Vice Chair Elisa Parker, TNDP Treasurer David Garrison and members of the TNDP Finance Council


PARTY SUSTAINERS: Bill Freeman & Olan Mills II


FREE for Finance CouncilGovernors Roundtable members plus guest. Finance Council members give $1,000 a year to the TNDP. Payment plans of $250/quarter or $85/month are available.


For more information or to RSVP, please contact Lee Levine by email at or call (615) 327-9779.