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2017 Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner

CCDP’s 6th Annual Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner was held on April 29, 2017 at R Place Pub & Grill.  Joe Dunn, current CCDP Chair, greeted guests at the door as they arrived.  Then during his opening remarks he presented a short history of the Homesteads project as part of FDR’s New Deal and pointed out Eleanor Roosevelt’s personal ties to the Cumberland Homesteads, including her visit to Crossville in 1935.  He was followed by Ed Yoder, former CCDP Chair, who led the Pledge of Allegiance, and by Glenna Shepherd, pastor of the Pleasant Hill Community Church, who delivered the Invocation.

Representative John Ray Clemmons from the TN 55th Legislative District addressed the group following dinner.  He talked about the state of our party across Tennessee and how imperative it is to rebuild the party before the next election.  During his remarks, he mentioned “Miss” Annabelle O’Brien and her philosophy of what the political process should offer the people.  Of course, these remarks were very well received by those attending the dinner.

Brian Meadows from Clarkrange then spoke about his plans for a possible run for the TN 6th District seat in Congress. He ended his presentation by singing one of the protest songs he has written.

Following this, our own charismatic Judy Graham Swallows auctioned the baked goods provided by the Democratic Women’s club. Judy’s skill and humor always results in great entertainment as well as success for our pastry auctions. Mary Ann Crowe looked after the sales and assured that each winning bidder was united with the correct pastry.

Calling Ed Yoder to the podium, Joe Dunn presented him with a plaque and gift in appreciation for his service to the CCDP.  Joe noted that Ed has served as a representative for CCDP’s 5th District for a number of years; and that in 2015 he accepted the position of County Chair for a two-year term at a time when Democrats were demoralized by the results of the 2014 elections and there was little interest in the County party. He mentioned that Ed worked tirelessly with local Democrats, the TNDP and the County Chairs’ Association looking to find ways to build the party in Cumberland County.

Next, former Executive Committee members were recognized for their service, followed by the introduction and recognition of new Executive Committee members. A special thanks was given to Betty Threet and Don Clark, active and loyal members for many years, and Judy Barnett who consistently goes the extra mile for CCDP.

Under the leadership of Willie Schulze the raffle was very successful and it appeared that all five winners enjoyed their prizes.

The evening ended with Joe Dunn giving a closing statement, thanking all in attendance while stressing the need to support the Democratic Party, both locally and statewide.

The dinner was well attended, perhaps an indication that Cumberland County Democrats are beginning to take more interest in being involved and active Democrats. One can only hope!

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