2017 CCDP Reorganization

CCDP held its Reorganization Convention on Monday, March 27, 2017.  Amended Bylaws were adopted and are available to read under the County Party Info tab.

New officers and district representatives were elected at the Reorganization as follows:

Chairman: Joseph Dunn
Vice Chair: Bruce Garwood
Secretary: Amy Zielinski
Treasurer: Judy Barnett
District 1: Andrew Cravens, Betty Threet
District 2: None
District 3: Molly Graham, Storme Davis
District 4: Joe Dunn
District 5: Ed Yoder, Bruce Garwood
District 6: Jessica Jolly
District 7: Patricia Lewis
District 8: Donald Clark
District 9: Shirley Green, Pat LeBeau
At Large: Nikki Fitchko, Charles Gaines, Jim Kratunis, Paula Hart

After the formal business was completed, Amos Powers, Chairman of the TN Democratic County Chairs Association, addressed the meeting.



2017 Reorg-22017 Reorg-1


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