TN 6th Congressional Democratic Delegates to DNC Convention

Hopeful delegates and caucus voters from Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District gathered at the Putnam County Courthouse on March 19, 2016 to make the final decision of which delegate will represent their chosen presidential candidate.  The Democratic 2016 Presidential Convention will be held in Philadelphia, PA during the week of July 25, 2016.  Caucus goers were separated by their previous pledge of support for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.  Attendees nominated candidates to be selected and voted upon.  The nominee was allowed one minute to persuade the caucus goers to vote for them.  Each group voted, using the process of elimination, to determine the successful candidates to represent the 6th Congressional District in the final determination of the Democratic presidential candidate.  Successful candidates pictured left to right: Michelle Davis – Bernie Sanders delegate, Hillary Clinton delegates shown are Bonnie Fussell, Jordan Wilkins, Patsy Stanton (alternate), and Leonard Steverson, Jr.

6th Dist Caucus Photo

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