2016 Primary Election Convention

This is a presidential election year and county and district conventions and caucuses will be held to elect Delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Cumberland County’s convention will be held on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at 11 AM central time (12 PM eastern) at the Good Samaritans facility, 281 Tenth St. in Crossville. Supporters of each of the Democratic Presidential Candidates will hold a caucus to elect County Delegates to the Congressional District Convention to be held on March 19 where Delegates will be elected for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia the week of July 25.

All Democrats in the county are requested to attend the March 5 convention. In accordance with state party rules, the caucus will begin at 12 Noon sharp; doors will be locked at 12 Noon and no one can enter after that time.

Credential Requirements:
• Be a registered Tennessee Voter.
• Vote in the March 1 Democratic Primary or hold a previous Democratic Primary voting record.
• Attend the convention in the county you are registered to vote in.
• Do not participate in any other party’s primary or delegate selection process.
• Sign a Pledge of Support stating the above and naming the Presidential Candidate you support and that you will support the Democratic Party’s nominee at the conclusion of the primary process.

Filing of the Declaration of Candidacy and Pledge of Support is mandatory for anyone interested in becoming a Delegate to the National Convention, and it must be filed with the Tennessee Democratic Party (TNDP) by February 19. A copy of the form is available on the TNDP web site at this link.  Delegate Application

Complete information on the 2016 Conventions is available on the TNDP web site at this link: TNDP web site

Dates of importance for the March 1, 2016 Primary election:
• February 10 – First day for early voting in person for the March 1 Primary;
• February 19 – Declaration of Candidacy and Pledge of Support must be filed with the TNDP by anyone interested in becoming a delegate to the National Convention;
• February 23 – Last day for early voting in person for the March 1 Primary;
• March 1 – Presidential Preference Primary and County Primary.

Please be sure to vote, either by early voting or on March 1. Although there are no county Democratic primary candidates on the ballot, it is imperative that Democrats participate in our democracy and display their strength by turning out to vote. The number of Democratic votes cast in this primary will also help candidates who will run in the state and federal primary gauge the potential for Democratic votes they might receive in August.

Check CCDP’s Facebook page at Cumberland County (TN) Democratic Party and this Web Page for updates and information during this primary election period.

We look forward to seeing you at the March 5 convention.

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