2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate Watch Party

The Cumberland County Democratic Party is hosting a Democratic Presidential Debate Watch Party on October 13th, 7:00 p.m. at the Blind Zebra Sports Bar & Grill, 287 US-70, Crossville, TN. It will be in the non-smoking section of the restaurant with several large flat-screened TVs. CCDP requests a $2.00 per person donation, if possible, to cover costs incurred.

Please RSVP by calling 931-787-1331 and leaving a message, or by sending an email to secretaryccdp@gmail.com with the number of people in your party if you will attend.  Come early for best parking and, if you would like, enjoy a meal and beverage. Wear your favorite t-shirt, hat, or button and lets cheer our Democratic candidates to success and enjoy mingling with our Democratic neighbors.


One Response to “2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate Watch Party”

  1. John Wund Says:

    I think I’ll try to go (for old times’ sake). I actually don’t like the usual debate format, and my mind is made up, anyway. But, it will be interesting to see if (my prediction) Bernie turns every question into a platform for the gap between the rich and the rest of us, and Hillary tries to out-Bernie Bernie while touting her foreign policy shrewdness.
    And, we might get a glimpse of vice presidential material.

    The price is cheap and the last time we tried the Blind Zebra gatherings, the company was excellent.

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