DG Campaign Headshot 2014Dennis Gregg announced his campaign for reelection to the Democratic State Executive Committee; this election to be held during the Democratic Primary on August 7th.  As Committeeman for the 15th Senatorial District, he represents six counties on the Democratic Executive Committee – Bledsoe, Cumberland, Jackson, Overton, Putnam, and White. “I bring three important qualifications to this office – a dedication to Service, a Commitment to the values of the Democratic Party, and personal Integrity.  I have worked hard for the Democratic Party these past six years that I have served on the State Executive Committee.  I have been in contact with all the county parties, I’ve attended all the state-wide meetings, and I’ve visited each of the counties that I represent more than once.  I have pushed for and achieved results in making the State Party more efficient, responsive, and supportive of electing Democrats at all levels.”

Dennis currently serves as chairman of the Cumberland County Democratic Party, his eighth year in that position. He has lived in Cumberland County for 36 years and during that time has been associated with many organizations dedicated to improving life in his home county.  He was the founder of Cumberland Good Samaritans, a co-founder of the Avalon Center, and he worked for the Tennessee Family Farm Alliance during the farm crisis of the 1980’s.   He has worked as a teacher in both private schools in Cumberland County and public schools in Knoxville.  Dennis is currently the Executive Director of the Obed Watershed Community Association, a local membership organization committed to preserving and protecting Cumberland County’s historic, cultural, and environmental resources.

“I believe that most people in America and in Cumberland County want the same things – security, economic opportunities and jobs to support their families, and the maximum level of personal freedom guaranteed under the Constitution.  They care about their families, their friends, their church, and their community.  They want to live in a responsible way that provides opportunities for their children and respect for the elders.  Our elected officials fail the American people when they put corporations and the needs of the wealthy ahead of the needs of the regular citizens.  They fail us when they are guided by the ideas of a vocal minority rather than what is good for the majority.  They fail us when they allow unlimited contributions to candidates by corporations and billionaires.  Democracy should not be for sale.   They fail our communities when they give lip service to small businesses that create 80% of the new jobs, but give massive subsidies to outside corporations that often abandon the community in a few years for a better deal somewhere else.  It is time to change this course of action!”

“The Republican Party has long been aligned with big business.  The Tea Party wing wants to break the social contract that asks government to stand for the middle class and working people and ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to participate in the economy and to have access to health care and a high quality free public education.  In contrast, I stand with average Tennesseans, who get up every day, go to work, give their best effort on the job and don’t get million dollar bonuses when their companies fail.   I am doing everything I can to return the Democratic Party to its democratic roots, where we stand up to the powerful interests that seek to control government for their selfish interests.  I would like the votes of all Democrats that agree with me about returning the Democratic Party to its core values.”

Dennis Gregg lives with his wife of 36 years, Louise Gorenflo.  He is a member of the Quaker faith and is active at the church’s regional level.  He and Louise have two adult children, Forest and Elizabeth.  For more information about Dennis and his campaign, contact him at 931-484-9033.

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