Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Netflix?

In a time when a struggling economy dominates the headlines and the political world revolves around job creation, I find it interesting that local news coverage has been dominated by reports such as, “Netflix Sharing Will Be A Crime in Tennessee.” (Tennessean, June 2, 2011)

This headline, referring to a law that takes effect July 1 was signed by Governor Haslam who said of the bill, “I don’t know enough about that legislation...” The bill would make it a misdemeanor for a person to share their personal account information with a friend for the purpose of allowing that friend to watch a movie, for example.  This, taken with Governor Haslam’s opinion, or lack thereof, on the bill is just one example of a long list of infamous accomplishments of the TN GOP this year that clearly depict their catastrophic disconnect from the reality that young people face in our great state.

Need another example? How about this headline: “GOP Pushes for More Voter ID Laws in States.” (Tennessean, June 20, 2011) Are you aware that you will now be required to present a photo ID in order to vote in our state? Not only that, but you will be required to show proof of citizenship in order to vote as of January 1, 2012. What does this do to young people and college students in Tennessee? When you live, study, work, and pay taxes in a state don’t you think you should have a right to vote in that state? Under the guise of preventing voter fraud, the TN GOP has targeted young voters in Tennessee, trying to suppress a traditionally Democratic bloc. Even the Attorney General said the photo ID bill was unconstitutional!

How about now? Still not sure that the GOP is severely disconnected from young voters in Tennessee? What about the cap on hours the Hope Scholarship will pay for? As the TBR plans to increase tuition yet again in the wake of Governor Haslam’s budget cuts, it would seem that our legislature would be trying to help students pay for college. Oh, but wait, the GOP is helping pay for schools, only, they are using tax money to send kids who don’t necessarily belong in them to charter schools.

How much more out of touch with young voters can the GOP become?

Well, it will get worse if we don’t stand up and let our voice be heard!

R.G. Cravens

Communications Chair, Cumberland County Democratic Party

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