TNDP Chair: Report Ramsey for Government Waste on His New Fundraising Website

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Chip Forrester issued the following statement in response to Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey’s new fundraising initiative:

“I appreciate Lt. Gov. Ramsey’s push for ending redundant and wasteful government services. And it didn’t take long to find a state employee squandering tax dollars. For waste, fraud and abuse, look no further than Lt. Gov. Ramsey, who today sent out a press release for his fundraising organization RAAMPAC — all paid for with your tax dollars. That’s right: the same site that advocates a streamlined government also wants to streamline its data collection for Ramsey’s fundraising organization — and it’s being promoted by state employees on state time, paid for with taxpayer dollars. Looks like Lt. Gov. Ramsey is right: His site does encourage Tennesseans to point out government waste. And we’re starting with him.”


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