Mayor Carey Breaks Tie, Vote Could Cost Grant

The Crossville Chronicle has the story.

At Monday’s County Commission meeting, the Commission deadlocked over where to build the new health department building. The original grant application (which was approved and awarded the county over $4 million) specified the location to be the old handle mill, adjacent to the new library. Members of the new commission, newly elected County Mayor Carey included, feels that the original grant app should be amended and the new building should be built on land off of the Miller Bypass extension.

A motion was made to accept the money as it was originally awarded and begin work as soon as possible. This motion was voted on with a tie resulting. Mayor Carey then cast the deciding vote against this proposal in order to further explore a new location. The main problem with this is that the grant could now be in jeopardy and the county could loose the money entirely.

The meeting ended when the Commission voted to recess until next Monday.

Keep watching this as it develops…

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