A Message From Our County Chair

This from Chairman Gregg, it can also be read in the County Party Information tab of our website.

A Message from the Chair:

Fellow Democrats,

First, I want to both celebrate this new website for the Cumberland
County, Tennessee Democratic Party, and apologize for being off-line for
most of the past ten months.  A combination of an unethical hosting
company and an incompetent domain registry company knocked our old
website into inoperability and struggles to transfer the domain name to
this site proved impossible so we were forced to finally abandon our old
site and to start anew with this one.  I want to thank R.G. Cravens for
working hard this past year to get through this transition.  All I can
say is we’re back and we hope that we’ll be able to use this site to
serve our party going forward.

Since I can now communicate with you through this medium, I want to talk
about this election and urge you to not only vote yourself but to
encourage all your friends and families to do so as well.  This is a
critical election on every level and we are confronting the most
massively funded dis-information campaign in the history of the United
States.  President Obama rescued the United States economy from a free
fall set in motion by the collapse of the major financial institutions
that had been deregulated under the Bush, Reagan, and Clinton
administrations and were not simply playing high stakes gambling with
other people’s money.  That gambling picked housing as a lucrative target
where regulations had also been eased, so they were able to speculate not
only on gambling on whether people would be able to pay their mortgages,
but whether banks and underwriters would collapse.  This collapse began
in 2007, and went into free fall in 2008, and was stopped by the Obama
stimulus package, among other tools, in 2009.  The economy has not
recovered, unemployment has risen, but one million new jobs have been
created versus the seven million jobs lost in the last two years of
George Bush’s administration.  This is a time of great uncertainty for
most people.  Lots of folks are unemployed, lots of folks are
underemployed, people’s retirement savings are worth less than they were,
people have lost their homes.  The Republican response to this crisis is
fear-mongering and scapegoating.  In Congress, the Republicans have been
the party of NO!.  The Health Care bill, written to incorporate virtually
all the Republican concerns was still opposed by almost every Republican,
who apparently think that having the most expensive and not most
effective health care system in the world is great.  Who think that
leaving health care decisions to insurance companies is better than
having rules and guidelines administered by a government agency like
Medicare.  The fact is that President Obama and the Democratic Party have
delivered on most of their promises to the American people.

One thing is clear at the national level.  The Democrats have taken a
stand against unbridled greed.  Whether its mine safety, oil rig safety,
food safety, auto safety, and phamaceutical safety, or financial
manipulation, there’s a new sheriff in town.  This is why the
billionaires have banded together (not all of them, of course) to buy
this election.  From the funding of the “grass roots” teaparty, to the
“independent” expenditures flooding every congressional and Senate race,
the billionaires “want their country back.”  And who can blame them.
Under the Republicans, they had their taxes cut, they moved their
finances and manufacturing overseas with government subsidies, and they
made obscene amounts of money.  In 2008, the American public spoke and
said no more, and from the day of President Obama’s inauguration, there
has been a full time, fully funded campaign to restore the billionaires
to power.  Of course, they can’t campaign on that platform, so they
campaign on fear instead.  Trust the Republicans on immigration, even
though they did nothing during the six years they had complete control in
Washington?  Trust them on balancing the budget, even though they
inherited a surplus and doubled the deficit during those same six years?
We’ve heard the promises before, and we’ve seen the results.  If we want
to move the country forward out of the recession and into a future that
is not based on fear, but on opportunity, we need to retain a Democratic
majority in Congress.  Lincoln Davis deserves our support.

On the state level, we’ve been blessed with eight years of sound fiscal
management during a time that has been challenging as our needs have
fallen behind our sales tax as the economy has turned down.  Mike
McWherter brings that same commitment to sound fiscal management to the
job, without the disability to say no to the extremists.  We all support
the right of honest, law-abiding citizens to own guns, and if qualified,
to carry them if they choose.   But Bill Haslam’s willingness to endorse
the extreme proposition that anyone should be allowed to carry a
concealed weapon, regardless of their legal or mental history, is
pandering at the least and irresponsible in any case.  As citizens, we
are concerned with our security and our protection and current laws help
ensure that.  We cannot allow a governor who will bend to extremist
positions to be in charge.  Mike deserves our support.

In August, the voters of Cumberland and Bledsoe County sent a strong
message to Representative Eric Swafford that they had enough of his
bullying tactics.  His campaign bragged that he did not represent the
people of the district, but only those who agreed with him.  He was
defeated in the Republican primary in what can only be seen as a protest
vote.  Fortunately for us as Democrats, we have an extraordinary
candidate in Charles Ray Rains, a former county commissioner from Bledsoe
County, born and raised in the district, a family man whose personal
profile matches the people of his district.  He is strongly for the
working people of the district, and a union person, is familiar with the
need to protect the workers from safety and unfair labor practices.  He
has shown leadership through his campaign embracing proven and common
sense solutions.  Like Mike McWherter, he understands that 85% of new
jobs come from small businesses, and that the most important component to
economic development is an educated and trained workforce.  Like Lincoln
Davis, he is for the working people first, and about political labels
second.   His opponent has refused to debate him, and has presented no
ideas of his own for how to improve the local economy and provide jobs.
Charles deserves our support.

Finally,  Senator Charlotte Burks is being challenged by two candidates,
neither of whom has ever been elected to public office and from their
speeches and campaign materials, clearly don’t understand the issues
facing us and the programs that our tax dollars already support.  Her
Republican opponent acknowledges that he supports most of Senator Burks
positions, but insists that it is time for a change.  Like Charles Ray
Rains, Charlotte reflects her district in the way she things about issues
and how she votes.  She has been a strong advocate for small farmers and
small businessmen, veterans, senior citizens, and above all, children and
education.  She’s been strong on crime and against drugs.  In fact, there
is little in her voting record to criticize.  She works hard to help
folks both individually and through her role in the legislature.
Charlotte deserves our support.

In every case, we have superior candidates.  They are all thoughtful,
middle of the road Democrats that want to serve the people and bring the
country out of its current whole and back to a place that we can all have
pride in.  These candidates have all built their lives and careers about
building things up, not tearing them down.  That’s what this election is
about.  Do we want to elect serious people to address serious issues, or
do we want to elect folks who are committed to tearing things down.

Please join me in working hard this last week to see that good people are

Dennis Gregg, Chair

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